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Parami at a Glance
Pioneering the future of on-chain advertising, Parami Protocol seamlessly integrates  AI, NFTs, and DeFi, shaping the foundation for a decentralized and equitable advertising landscape.
Our Cutting-Edge Offerings
Features 01
Interactive NFTs
Harness the power of ERC-5489 to unleash a rich tapestry of interactive content, bridging the gap between creators, advertisers, and users.
Features 02
On-Chain Advertising
Promote your content with dynamic, smart-contract powered advertising solutions, ensuring transparent and hyper-targeted reach and incentivization of your audience.
Features 03
Developer SDK
Integrate on-chain advertising capabilities effortlessly, opening doors to fresh traffic and revenue streams.
Features 04
Twitter Plugin
Dive into a transformative social landscape powered by our strategic AI deployment, immersing yourself in the ocean of co-creation fun with Virtual Influencers. Download our Chrome Extension and see Twitter Avatars come alive!
Our Journey & Vision Ahead
From our inception to the recent proposal of EIP-5489, we're constantly evolving. Explore our roadmap to see where we're headed next
2023 Q3
PoC of Parami Protocol with NFT, DeFi and DAO tools.
2023 Q4
Hyperlink NFT (ERC-5489) , AI Copy NFT(ERC-6551), DID incentive aggregator.
2024 Q1
Governance tools and self-updation for AI Copy NFT.
2024 Q2
Privacy Computing and ZKML for AI Copy.
2024 Q3
AppChain development for AI Copy NFT.